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Rehearsals every Tuesday at 10.00am.
St Mark's Crescent Methodist Church, St Mark's Crescent, Maidenhead, SL6 5BQ



Rehearsals every Tuesday at 10.00 am at
St Marks Crescent Methodist Church, Allenby Rd, Maidenhead SL6 5BH

Email: enquiries@tuesday-singers.org.uk

Chairman & Bookings: please contact
Secretary: Janet Martin  Telephone: 01628 634124
Tuesday Singers  welcomes bookings to perform in the Maidenhead area

If the space available for the choir is small, the choir will consist of between 16  to 20 singers. But there must be adequate space for all to be seated.  If  a larger space is available  the choir will consist of between 20  to 35 singers.

The choir can perform for many occasions including:

Community Entertainment events
Parties - Christmas - Birthday
Funerals - Memorial Services

Reasonable notice is essential to avoid disappointment.

     The initial information we need to know is: -
Date; Time & Duration;  Location; Occasion

Tuesday Singers